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The Search page is accessed by the Search All button on the Home page or by the Toolbar on each of the Patrologia Latina Database pages or from the Search.

The Search All page in PLD offers several search fields, which you can use to search the database. For a full description of the Search All page, see the Search All Help topic.

Patrologia Latina Database has the ability to search across the data for both PLD and Acta Sanctorum Database text.

To switch to the Cross Search screen, select the box labeled "Include Acta Sanctorum in my search" at the top of the Search All screen.

To switch to the BHL GoTo section of the database, click the BHL GoTo button on the Toolbar.

Durable URL

Click the durable URL link at the top of the page to obtain an Durable URL compliant link that will point to the page you are currently viewing. A pop-up box will appear with the Durable URL. Simply copy and paste the link into documents, email, or add it to your bookmarks.


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