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In the Search page, you can limit your search to particular elements of the documents contained in the Patrologia Latina Database. Three sets of Search Options help you do this.

The first set of Search Options pertains to textual apparatus:

  • Include apparatus: retrieves hits in documents and all supporting apparatus.
  • Exclude apparatus: restricts the results of your search to documents only.
  • Apparatus only: excludes documents from the search and retrieves hits in the apparatus only.

The second set of Search Options pertains to authors in the database:

  • All authors: searches the works of all authors in the database.
  • Medieval authors only: restricts your search to works by medieval authors only.
  • Modern authors only: restricts your search to works by modern authors only.

Finally, you may decide how the results of your search will be displayed:

  • With Context: Displays search results with context.
  • Summary of Matches: Displays a simplified search results.

The options selected by default are Include apparatus, All authors, and With Context.

Note: If you select 'Medieval authors only' in conjunction with 'Apparatus only', your search will be executed only in notes appended to documents written by medieval authors; the notes themselves will typically be written by modern scholars.


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