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The Search Results with Context page is divided into a top section and a main section.

The top section indicates the number of hits (i.e. the number of times the search term or expression occurs in the database) retrieved by a search and the number of entries (i.e. the number of documents containing the search term or expression).

If you have just conducted a Cross Search, the number of hits and number of entries retrieved will be shown next to the database, either PLD or Acta. You can switch back and forth between database results by clicking the linked database title.

The main section lists the documents retrieved and links to each document found. Each entry gives brief details of each document as follows:

The title of each work is hyperlinked to the Full Text page for that work. Where a work containing hits is further subdivided, the entry is arranged so that all levels of data are displayed down to the occurrence of the hit. Where a work contains six or more hits, a link [View context of all hits in this work] is provided to the Context of Results page, which displays the results of your search within that work in full.

In the case of a Keyword, Greek Keyword or Title search, the hit will be displayed in a line of context with five words either side. Each hit is indicated by a hit in the line of context. Where your search does not include a Keyword, Greek Keyword or Title element, for example if you use the Author field to search for a work, the Search Results with Context page displays a list of links to works and subdivisions containing the search term.

You can download the Full Text of any level of data by using the hyperlinks in the Search Results with Context. Each level displays the download size in bytes of the corresponding Full Text page

Note: Larger files will take a longer time to download - you may be prompted to confirm your selection of text.


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