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From the Full Text page, you can use the Toolbar to return to the Search page, access the global Table of Contents page, open a context-sensitive Help page and consult general information about the database.

The Toolbar in the Full text page also provides you with two Text Only options: you can access either a plain text version of the Full Text in which no buttons are displayed, or a plain text version of the Full Text with any notes displayed in square brackets. These two options are useful when printing and saving the Full Text.

Note: When you have finished using a Text Only version of the full text, you should use the relevant function of your browser to return to the Full Text with buttons, for example Netscape Navigator users should select Back.

You can access the Full Text page for a document or division in one of two ways:

By means of various buttons, the Patrologia Latina Database provides flexible and easy to use navigation of the Full Text.

Durable URL

Click Durable URL at the top of the page to obtain a Durable URL compliant link that will point to the page you are currently viewing. A pop-up box will appear with the Durable URL. Simply copy and paste the link into documents, email, or add it to your bookmarks

The Full Text Display

The Full Text page reproduces the text of the original Patrologia Latina volumes, including all prefatory material, textual apparatus and appendices. The order of the Full Text is the same as the order of the Table of Contents; works are arranged numerically by volume. The contents of the volumes themselves follow their copy texts in structure and order so that headings, divisions and subdivisions within the copy text are preserved.

A header is displayed in bold at the top of each Full Text page giving the title of the current item and the context of the item in the database. This is then followed by the main body of the text of the document or division.

Migne's printed edition of the Patrologia Latina is divided into columns, two to a printed page. Most columns are further divided into A, B, C or D, representing divisions down the columns. Since a column of text is displayed as a full screen, column numbers have been added to the text to show where the divisions in the original printed edition occur. In addition, each document has a column number reference. Column numbers appear in bold and within square brackets, for example '[Col. 0967A]'.

References to books of the Bible and to other Patristic or Classical works appear in bold and in brackets, for example '(Luca, I, 36)'. The references are standardized and changes of rendition are ignored.

Highlighted text that was printed in italics displays as italics on the screen, and text that was printed in bold displays as bold.

Non-running text, such as verse, lists and tables, retains the line breaks of the original, and verse also retains its indents.

Lacunae (gaps in the copy text) are marked '[.....]'.

In addition, the following elements may be accessed from the Full Text:

Note: The data in the Patrologia Latina Database has been coded to include more recent bibliographic references. Where a document in the Patrologia Latina appears in one of these references, a code is inserted in brackets at the end of its title.


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